Best Type Of Shower Commodes

JUVO Shower Commode
Shower Commodes are used for individuals who have complications standing up in their shower rooms. An example of which are people with disabilities, elderlies, and those recuperating from any personal injury. You can find available seats from basic to portable ones. There are also innovative versions with unique features like rolling wheels, support straps, and reclining backs. With a lot of healthcare innovation available in the market today, choosing a brand or product can be very confusing. So, to help you choose the best shower commode in the market, we have listed down and compared some brands:

Attendant Shower Commode: JUVO vs. K Care vs. Otto Bock

Your standard shower commode has different unique features depending on each bran...

Heavy Duty Shower Chairs For Obese People

shower chair for obese people
Understanding the mobility issues and other problems encountered by obese people entails first digging deeper into the meaning of obesity and immobility. There may be individuals who have exceptionally high Body Mass Index (BMI), but that doesn’t mean that they are automatically immobile. In some cases, it can be far from the truth. Some obese people are very active, probably more than regular people.

Mobility Challenges

Immobility is a type of disability that confines you to the bed or drastically restricts your daily activities. A lot of obese individuals may not be able to accomplish some weight-bearing activities. This usually refers to your leg and feet actions that will carry your body’s whole weight. Below are some mobil...

Shower Commode User Manual

All Juvo products are designed to combine comfort, function, safety and reliability. Juvo are committed to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of customers. All Juvo products comply with Australian and New Zealand Standard 3973:2009 and has a manufacturers recommended maximum user weight shown in the table under section 2 also on the maximum user weight label on the commode.   Before using your commode, please read instructions Carefully and familiarize yourself with the functions and features of your Shower Commode Chair, warranty will not apply when the product is improperly used or modified. With proper care and operation your Commode chair will provide years of trouble free use.  

Download a free copy of our s...

Custom Made Shower Commodes

Custom Made Shower Chair Commode
Juvo Solutions produces some of the world's most customizable shower chairs available on the market. These highly customizable shower commodes can accommodate even the trickiest request. Juvo understand the need for flexibility as each patient is unique and have their own personal modifications. For that reason, Juvo designed over 20 shower commode accessories that compliment each and every shower chair they produce. Juvo has two main types of Shower Commodes; self-propelled (wheelchair type) and attendant propelled (someone pushes).

Self Propelled Shower Commode


Attendant Propelled Shower Commode

shower commode accessories  

Installing Shower Chair Accessories

Any nurse or handyman can quickly and easily modify our shower commodes as they use a b...