Best Type Of Shower Commodes

Shower Commodes are used for individuals who have complications standing up in their shower rooms. An example of which are people with disabilities, elderlies, and those recuperating from any personal injury. You can find available seats from basic to portable ones. There are also innovative versions with unique features like rolling wheels, support straps, and reclining backs. With a lot of healthcare innovation available in the market today, choosing a brand or product can be very confusing. So, to help you choose the best shower commode in the market, we have listed down and compared some brands:

Attendant Shower Commode: JUVO vs. K Care vs. Otto Bock

Your standard shower commode has different unique features depending on each brand. Here are the detailed description of each type and their added features.

JUVO Shower Commodes

Juvo Shower Commode Chair have different types with specific features suitable for various users. These include attendant and self-propelled shower commode chairs, tilt in space, and folding shower commodes.

An attendant shower chair needs a family member or any assistant to help the elderly or injured person take a shower or bath. However, unlike attendant types, a self-propelled shower commode need not depend on a representative or family member for an injured individual’s bathing. Both attendant and self-propelled commodes have two equally sophisticated versions, namely, Swing Away Footrest and Sliding Footplate Models. This two version only differs with its foot controlled, weight-bearing footplate but they have the same smooth impression with the laser imprinted non-slip exterior.

Both the Attendant and Self-Propelled Shower Commode With Sliding Footplate and With Swing Away Footrest have single detachable seats, the JUVO Authorized Design and Style ‘Klipps’ System soft padded chair, and a front pressure treatment position features. Added features include reinforced, height adjustable, easy clean armrests, easy clean, non-bacterial, non-suction design, and removable backrest, and stainless and push rims castor wheels.

K Care Shower Commode

K Care Shower Commodes are similar with JUVO products in that they also have attendant and self-propelled versions. However, unlike JUVO, their shower commodes only have one version of each kind, with removable fold-up and adjustable footrest function. Also, the back strap of their shower commodes does not have broad access for convenient cleaning access in the back area of the injured individual.

Your K Care Shower Commode is independently tested to conform to Australia and New Zealand regulations for your safety and peace of mind. The frame of your K Care shower commode is reinforced for increased strength. It also has integrated push handle for convenient manoeuvrability. The foot rest of the shower commode has removable swing-away and adjustable height for easy access and improved comfort.

K Care Shower CommodeK Care Shower Commode

Additional cost or modification will be entailed if you want to add features to your K Care Shower Commode like height adjustability, safety armrest, anti-tip bar, push rims on wheels, amputee setting, and castor extensions.

Otto Bock Shower Commode

Otto Bock Shower Commode


Similar to JUVO and K Care, Otto Bock Shower Commodes also has attendant and self-propelled versions of their shower commode products. However, unlike the previous two, Otto Bock Shower Commode only has limited features. Otto Bock Shower Commodes have safety armrest, anti-tip bars, push rims on wheels, weight bearing sliding footrest, anti-slip design standing footrest. However, unlike K Care, Otto Bock cannot be modified to add some other unique features.

Your Otto Bock Shower Commode has a dropdown, fixed height, and lift up arm rest. You can also choose to avail the padded armrest version. The seat has two options: either closed front or front-opening versions. The Otto Bock commodes also have fixed length, swing away, and stump support leg rests.

Which Shower Commode Is The Best?

K Care Shower Commodes need to be modified to have the natural feature of JUVO shower commodes like height adjustability, safety armrests, amputee setting and push rim on wheels for self-propelled models, and even the three side cut outs for easy clean. The modification will entail additional cost which is not okay for your budget.

Otto Bock Shower Commodes has the least features of the three. It also cannot be modified to incorporate features like height adjustability of the armrest and amputee and castor extension setting for the wheels.

When it comes to unique and customization features, JUVO Shower Commodes beat the other brands. Both the JUVO Attendant- and Self-Propelled Shower Commodes armrests, backrests, castor wheels, footplate, and seat frame ar packed with customized feature unavailable with the other brands. In the case of K Care, additional cost or modification is needed for some of the unique features inherent with the JUVO shower commodes.

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