Custom Made Shower Commodes

Juvo Solutions produces some of the world’s most customizable shower chairs available on the market. These highly customizable shower commodes can accommodate even the trickiest request. Juvo understand the need for flexibility as each patient is unique and have their own personal modifications.

For that reason, Juvo designed over 20 shower commode accessories that compliment each and every shower chair they produce. Juvo has two main types of Shower Commodes; self-propelled (wheelchair type) and attendant propelled (someone pushes).

Self Propelled Shower Commode

Attendant Propelled Shower Commode

Installing Shower Chair Accessories

Any nurse or handyman can quickly and easily modify our shower commodes as they use a bolt and pintle system. Thanks to our easy to install accessories we can easily build a custom made shower commode and have it shipped with 24 hours.

DIY Tools Required

  • Allen/Hex key
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • M10, M18 & M17 Spanner
  • 3/4″ Castor Socket Spanner
  • PU arm pad and trough tool (Juvo Specific tool)

We have detailed instructions on the Shower Commode Installation Manual which goes through all the major changes required.

If you want instructions on how to install any other shower commode accessories, just comment below and we will relay the information to you and update our manual.

Juvo Solutions focuses on providing trusted health care products and solutions with an end goal of nurturing and supporting our valued clients. We seek to elevate Healthcare beyond global expectations by enabling superior focus on client needs. 

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