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Heavy Duty Bariatric Chair

A Bariatric chair is an oversized and heavy duty seat usually used in supporting more than 400 kilos worth of weight. They are often found in waiting lounges of offices but can be mostly seen in hospitals and clinics.

Getting a durable yet comfortable chair that can support heavy weights is especially important in medical facilities where the patient’s safety and comfort are the top priority. You wouldn’t want a chair to break while a patient is waiting for his appointment, wouldn’t you?Trix heavy duty bariatric chair

At JUVO, our heavy duty bariatric chairs are manufactured with high-quality materials and are made to support heavy weights. They are proven and tested to be durable and reliable.  Although it is heavy duty, we have made sure that it will still be aesthetically appealing to the clients and is easy to use.

Different Types of Bariatric Chair

JUVO has a range of different types of Bariatric chairs that you can customize to your needs.

Trix System

JUVO’s Trix System is your 3-in-1 bathroom partner. It is a toilet frame, a shower stool and a shower chair all in one. It helps make showering and toileting easier for the patient and his carer. The Trix System is made with Grade 304 stainless
steel heavy wall thickness tubing that can endure extensive moisture and water exposure. It is rust-proof and has fully adjustable seat depth and adjustable height to assist with client positioning. Its armrests project beyond the seat that makes sitting down and standing up easier for the patient. It also has an easy removable seat featuring Juvo Registered Design “Klipps” System. It can accommodate up to 400 kg and is surely a great value for your money.

Heavy Duty Transfer Bench

Aside from shower commodes and other shower aids, JUVO has also created a Bath Transfer Bench Trix heavy duty bariatric chairstate-of-the-art bench that you can use after showering. The Heavy Duty Transfer Bench provides a comfortable resting place for the patients after they shower. It is a safe and secured platform for bath and shower access. It is made with stainless steel and rust-proof.  It can withstand extensive water exposure and fits all standard bath and shower recesses.  It comes with adjustable seat height and seat angle which makes it easier for the patient and his carer to use.

The Heavy Duty Transfer Bench is sturdy and can withstand heavy weights but still provides comfort and support to the patient. It also an anti-slip rubber feet and suction cups feature which ensures that toilet accidents and slips can now be avoided.  JUVO created the heavy duty transfer bench with tested durability and even got the Australian Standards Tested Approval Letter.

Raywood ChairRaywood heavy duty bariatric chair

Juvo’s Raywood Bariatric Chair is a heavy duty lounge chair with contoured seat and backrest and has a weight capacity of 425 kg. It has an adjustable height and an angel adjustable backrest. It has a drop down, removable arm rests that will allow easy side transfers, e.g. from wheelchair to the Raywood bariatric chair or vice versa.

The Raywood Bariatric Chair also features a wide cushioned seating for the patients. It is both comfortable and secured at the same time that will enable patients to relax. They will be able to rest properly without the fear of falling on the floor or without the fear that their seat will break. Juvo’s Raywood Bariatric chair is also tested and proven to be durable and reliable. It is also manufactured with aesthetic appeal to the patients, with it looking modern and attractive to look at.

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