Mobile Shower Commodes

Mobile Shower Commodes

 Shower commode chairs are generally used by those who have difficulties standing up in the shower room, for instance, the disabled individuals, elderly, or those recouping from personal injury. These seats range from basic and portable to noticeably even more innovative versions with reclining backs, rolling wheels, and support straps.

JUVO Shower Commode Chair

JUVO Solutions is the leading creator, producer, and provider of modern healthcare equipment in the market today.  Our company provides innovative solutions for all your shower commode chair needs.

Here are 4 reasons to purchase our shower commodes:

  1. Prevention of falls and harm to carers and clients alike
  2. Improvement of hygiene of clients and equipment to prevent infection (Infection Control)
  3. Reduce the length of stay in care time, increase patient turnover, saving funds and increasing profits.
  4. Provide comfort and support to clients in care

Just click the type of Shower Commode you are interested in.

Attendant Propelled Sliding Footplate   Economy Shower Commode - Attendant Propelled Swing-away Footrest  Bariatric Self-Propelled Sliding Footplate   Folding Self-Propelled Swing-away Footrest       Standard Tilt in Space Height Adjustable Shower Commode

AS/NZS 3973: 2009 Certified                    SWL 200/300/400KG                   TGA Certified                   Juvo Registered Design

Different Types of Shower Commode Chair Explained

Attendant vs Self-propelled Shower Commode Chair

Attendant Shower Commode Chairs need an assistant or a family member to help the elderly or injured individual take a shower or bath. There are two equally sophisticated versions available, the swing-away footrest model and the sliding footplate model. Both have the typically smooth impression with thelaser imprinted non-slip exterior. Also, they had a single detachable seat, using JUVO Authorized Design and Style ‘Klipps’ System variant of soft PU padded chair and closed or open fronts pressure treatment position.  The Attendant Propelled Sliding Footplate differ with the Attendant Propelled Swing-Away Footrest with its foot controlled, weight bearing, and sliding footplate for customer’s positioning.

Self-propelled Shower Commode Chair need not rely on an assistant or another individual for the elderly or disabled person’s bathing. With the JUVO Registered Style  ‘Klipps’ System Selection of seamless pressure care (closed or open fronts) and PU padded seats, the state-of-the-art shower commode chair is unlike any other in the market. Another unique feature of the equipment is its non-woven wide open convenient back strap structure supplying cleaning accessibility to more back, apparent rear open space permitting placement over the toilet, and its effortless access for good hygiene with available armrest model. You can select between its two innovative variations, the Self-propelled Swing Away Footrest or Self-propelled Sliding Footplate.

Tilt In Space Shower Commode Chair

 This version of shower commode chair has height versatility function and have non-woven cozy back strap style providing cleansing accessibility to a far more back area. It provides simple and easy access to good hygiene with fullwide armrest structure. Its primary feature is the integral pan carrier glides and back saver pattern which facilitates with draining the bowl.

Folding Shower Commode Chair

Folding seats folds over easily and conveniently for safe keeping and in cases where you opt to take a vacation. It provides you with ease, comfort, and support when taking a shower and washing.

Different Sizes Shower Commode Chairs

 Attendant and Self-Propelled Shower Commode Seats are available in adult, bariatric, junior, and standard sizes depending on the weight of the customer for ease and convenience. Tilt in Space Shower Commode Chairs is readily available with bariatric and standard sizes.

 Shower Commode Chair Accessories

 You can quickly select shower commode accessories with top-of-the-line features. The following are a few of the equipment’s add-ons for your selection.

JUVO Solutions continually aims to deliver innovative, top-of-the-line healthcare equipment with the assurance that the customer’s trust will always be valued. The company is motivated by the desire to realize success, stand out, and adopt the suggestions received from its clients to provide a cost-effective, extremely versatile range of products to match all necessities.