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JUVO Solutions has partnered with Novak-m developed a variety of innovative and state-of-the-art treatment tables that will cater to every situation. Our products will help healthcare provides work faster and more efficiently with its safety features. May it be a stretcher or a hospital chair, we bring you the most current and the best treatment facilities that we have in the market nowadays.

As a leading producer, creator and distributor of quality healthcare equipment, JUVO takes pride in offering nothing but the best and up-to-date innovations that you can find in the market.

Stretcher X

It comes with an innovative diagonal base that makes it easier to manoeuvre and makes it more accessible.  It comes with an electric height adjustment that will make the work for moving the table up and down so much easier. Its non-slip anti-static padding and high-quality rubber wheels also assure the safety of the patient and the healthcare providers.

The Stretcher X is built with stabile and solid stainless steel rails that make it durable and rust-proof. Its short wheelbase allows the healthcare provider to easily push, drive and turn on the spot. It also has a central locking system that allows the healthcare provider to safely leave the patient during the waiting time.  It also allows the easy access during X-ray sessions without the need to move the patient with its lying area permeable to X-rays.

Because of the Stretcher X has set a new standard when it comes to design, efficiency, and X-ray permeability of treatment tables, it has been rrecognised worldwide as a 2017 RedDot Design Award Winner.

Gynaecological Examination Table S

A perfect treatment table for gynaecology, urology and general medicine. It is made with a solid base and easy to clean material which makes it an unsuitable breeding ground for bacteria.

Part of the Treatment Table line is the Therapy Table S and the Treatment Table C.  Both of these treatment tables are stapled equipment that every healthcare facility, hospital or treatment centre.

The Therapy Table S is a treatment table used for patients who are undergoing physical therapy. It is a steady and solid-based table that comes with supplementary features depending on the therapist’s needs. It is super comfortable and can easily be adjusted and can cater to different kinds of therapies.

The Treatment Table C is the traditional treatment tables that you can see. However, it is created with superior stability and efficiency. It may look simple but it certainly serves its purpose to the patients and healthcare providers alike.

Check out the full range of Novak Treatment Tables below:

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